Vaccine Assistant (Honolulu)

Kahu Malama Nurses is looking for Medical Assistants or Nurse Aides to work as Vaccine Assistants for a mass vaccination project in Hawaii. These temporary full time positions are based near downtown Honolulu and are scheduled to begin on October 23.

These roles can be high intensity and physically demanding at times. Candidates must be detail oriented and be willing to perform some physical labor (i.e. moving vaccine coolers, withstand work in walk-in refrigerators, move ice packs).

Job duties include:

  • Vaccine/Medical Supply Support
  • Organize, maintain and consolidate vaccine and vaccine packing/transport supplies.
  • Monitor vaccine inventory to ensure vaccines are stored at proper temperatures and the vaccine “cold chain” is maintained in all phases of vaccines storage and transport. Maintain influenza vaccine inventory spreadsheets.
  • Organize, maintain, consolidate, and resupply clinic emergency medical kits.
  • Monitor vaccine packing/transport and emergency medical kit supply inventory and maintain inventory control spreadsheets for all supplies.
  • Identify re-order/low supply thresholds and notify Department of Health personnel in a timely manner when vaccine, vaccine packing/transport supply, and/or emergency medical kit inventory assessments/projections indicate that additional supplies/reorders are necessary.
  • Pack vaccine transport coolers and ancillary supplies according to written procedures, ensure packing list is supplied with each delivery, and log all supplies to be delivered for each clinic. Vaccine Supply Assistants must ensure transport coolers are packed with the correct number of vaccines and are packed appropriately to ensure vaccine viability (maintenance of cold chain).
  • Data Collection and Entry
  • Collect, screen, organize, and scan forms returned from clinics.
  • Establish a monitoring system to track timely collection of forms from completed vaccination clinics.
  • Review data from clinic summary and staffing forms and extract pertinent information.
  • Review clinic summary and staffing forms for accuracy, completeness, and consistency of information, and evaluate the information for conformance with established requirements.
  • Administrative Support
  • Coordinate printing and distribution of forms, lists, and schedules.
  • Create and prepare text and spreadsheet documents and reports relevant to immunization clinic operations.
  • Coordinate and assemble material for mailing.
  • Assist in prescreening consent forms and filling registration position at clinics as needed.


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Completion of Medical Assistant or Nurse Aide training
  • One year of related experience

Kahu Malama Nurses offers our healthcare professionals a competitive hourly rate plus qualified candidates are eligible for company benefits which include:

  • Medical coverage
  • Supplemental insurance coverage
  • Weekly pay
  • Direct deposit
  • Pay advances
  • Vacation pay
  • Referral bonuses

To apply, send resume to as soon as possible.

Kahu Malama Nurses is a Joint Commission certified staffing agency and has been providing staffing services to hospitals, clinics and other facilities across the state since 1982. The company is owned and operated by a Registered Nurse. Kahu Malama Nurses is a member of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii and the American Staffing Association.