Big Island – Travel Contracts

Have your dream job in paradise and what’s a better place than Big Island.

Below are Kahu Malama Nurses’ current Job Opportunities:

  • Critical Access: SNF (2)
  • ER (3)
  • L&D (2)
  • Med/Surg (4)
  • Physical Therapist
  • Respiratory Therapist (2)

The largest island in the state of Hawaii, hence the name “Big Island,” is home to only 185,000 people. The main and largest city is Hilo. Its real estate continues to grow due to the most active volcano known as “Kilauea” that has been erupting lava since the 1980’s.

Aside from being known as the island of volcanoes, the Big Island is also famous for the Merrie Monarch Festival – a week long Hula competition, honoring the memory of the last king of Hawaii, King David Kalākaua, the annual Waimea Rodeo and the snowcapped Mauna Kea. Yes! Snow in tropical Hawaii! And of course who can forget about the delicious Kona Coffee and Big Island Cookies.

With so many different climate zones and landscapes to explore, it can be quite hard to decide which part of the island to see first. Wherever your feet take you, the Big Island is a beautiful place to be.

Call now to apply at 808-951-0111, ext. 2 or send in your resume to